Personal experience. How to avoid mistakes when renting a home in the US

I have always treated the USA as a country where everything is thought out to the smallest detail. Starting from global things (transport interchanges, home furnishings) and ending with the care of the state about personal hygiene of the population (there are disinfectors in almost every store, which I personally like very much). For the first time […]

Real Estate in Miami

Every person, starting to receive a high stable income, tries to invest his money in order not only to save them, but also to increase them. Many buy stocks, precious metals, jewelry, yachts, but the most common and profitable investment is still buying real estate – abroad in general, and in the USA in particular. Today, […]

Property maintenance in the USA

Owners of real estate in the United States spend on the maintenance and repair of housing an average of 1-4% of the value of the object per year. Average monthly  housing costs in California are $ 600, in Florida – 520, in New York  – 560, in Texas – 700. For example, maintaining a cooperative apartment in Manhattan costing $ 13 […]

Miami Real Estate

Real estate in Miami is one of the most profitable investments, especially in our time, when the demand for housing is much higher than the supply. Construction companies and the working population are similar in their desire to buy or build a square meter of foreign housing. At any time, in any market conditions, people will always want […]

Miami Rental Directory

We have created this directory to assist clients in finding suitable apartments in Miami. Miami-Born Company does not engage in real estate activities, our task is to provide maximum comfort for those who come to Florida for childbirth, treatment and rest. Offering rental options, we facilitate the search for apartments in Miami for our clients, moreover, all […]

Real Estate in Miami – a profitable investment

Miami is the largest investment center in the United States and around the world, so many people on the planet dream of becoming property owners in the city of their dreams. A house or apartment in Miami is not only prestigious, but also advantageous, since the acquired housing can be rented, gradually paying for the costs. In […]

US real estate market: current situation

The United States has traditionally been one of the most sought-after countries in the world for real estate purchase by foreigners who can find here decent housing for any wallet. Briefly about the main thing Today, foreigners find US real estate transactions more attractive than ever. They do not stop the potential risks, which, however, are […]

Real estate news in miami

HOUSE IN MIAMI ON THE OCEAN FOR SALE FOR $ 43 MILLION A house in Miami in Golden Beach, owned by a South Florida philanthropist who died last year, is on sale for $ 42.5. The mansion is located on the coast at 387 Ocean Boulevard. This house with 10 bedrooms and 10 bathrooms was built in […]

How to buy a boat: legends and realities

Buying should bring joy! How to buy a boat? Parse the legends and realities of this process … Legends: In America, a yacht can be bought for $ 10,000 A Youtube video is very popular in Youtube, where our former compatriot shows yachts at the Miami Yacht Club and calls prices of $ 4,000 or $ 5,000. All […]

Due to the slowdown in the US property market, housing prices are falling

The US housing market, especially in places like Seattle (WA), Silicon Valley (California) and Austin (Texas), is experiencing a significant slowdown. According to Robert Schiller, an economist and a Nobel laureate, this “may be the beginning of a turning point.” Appeared in July, figures show at least a cooling of the real estate market in […]